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Our Farm Shares:
        Community Supported

A Farm Share/CSA: a production and marketing model whereby consumers purchase shares into a farm's harvest ahead of the growing season. Consumers become members of the farm and gather a weekly distribution of crops from the fields.

Littleton's longest running farm share program:

Lock in your local food supply for the seasons that lie ahead and let the farm right in your backyard dictate your menu!

We have numerous different share sizes, seasons, customizable options, a variety of pick up windows, so many different crops to offer, awesome member-only perks (like PYO strawberries, flowers, and herbs), and discounts in our farm stand when you shop for those extra items on your list.

Our Farm Shares

"Let the Seasons Dictate Your Dinner Menu and be apart of Littleton's longest-running farm share program"


Summer Share

This program is what our farm is known for! This share will begin in June with the arrival of strawberry season and will take you through the height of our growing season, running 18 weeks.  There is so much to this option: 4 different share sizes (so you can find one the best suits your eating habits), 6 different days to choose from on pick up (so you can find one that best fits your schedule), customizable options (so you can add more of what you love) and perks in our farm stand for being a members. This share runs well into October. Starting at $400

Jump Start Share

This share is a great opportunity to kick-start the growing season. This share runs from the beginning of May until the start of the Summer Shares; running approximately 4 to 6 weeks. This share is awesome of those that love the early spring crops, such as but not limited to asparagus, fiddleheads, leafy greens, radishes, and so on. For those of you coming out of the Winter Harvest Membership and waiting until the Summer Harvest Share, this share bridges the gap. $125/one size 

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Fall Extender

This option will bridge the gap between the height-of-the-season share and run you close to the start of the winter share. Even if you are not enrolled for a winter share, this option is awesome! It runs four weeks and will give you a taste of all the late-fall favorites; including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, leeks, carrots and so much more. It will keep the momentum up with the weekly trips to the farm and your kitchen filled with ingredients grown right in your neighborhood. $150/season 

Winter Harvest Share

This is one of the top three shares offered here. Members swear it makes the winter months go by faster. This is a 22 week program that takes you from Thanksgiving all the way through the close of April when our fresh, new growing season kicks off. This program is inclusive of storage crops, fresh greens, local goods, our own pasture raised meats and fresh milk. Believe it or not New England Farms have a lot to offer in the winter months. $785/season


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Farm Box Friday

A great option to let the farm inspire your weekend meal plan without the commitment. This purchasing option is farmer's whim and is on an email blast to those on this special e-list to be notified on Thursday nights of what is in the box for the incoming weekend! If you are interested in what is being offered, you simply reply back and we have it ready for you on Friday for quick and easy pick up. This option runs year-round and is commitment free. 

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Senior Meal Box

This weekly tradition was new in the fall of 2018 and has become extremely popular for our senior clientele. These weekly baskets are packed up in small quantities that are just right for the eating habits of those ages 60 and up. Every Wednesday, we pack up $15 baskets of fresh, seasonal, nutritious food. The boxes value over their purchase price and is a way for us to give a helping hand to our aging neighbors. Have a parent or grandparents you would like to gift this to? Or pre-purchase a few in advance for a family member, neighbor or relative? The gift of food is always welcomed in any home. Starting at $16.


Dell Dollars

Dell Dollars - website.webp

This is a great program for those that want to support the farm and get a deeper connection to agriculture, but need more flexibility. You place a dollar value on file with the farm and we give you 15% of it in bonus cash. You can use the card at the farm stand on anything in store. This membership gives you access to a newsletter on a regular basis and special deals and discounts throughout the season.

to access fully detailed packets on our farm share programs email: or pick up a packet at your next visit

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